Diamond H Farms of Kentucky - For A Healthier You, Eat Fresh!

Diamond H Farms is a family owned and operated farm, in the hills of Milton, KY near the Ohio River. Diamond H Farms is dedicated to preserving the family farm heritage. Standing Timber that is older than the farm itself among the forest and around the creek bottoms provide Angus/cross beef cattle with their shelter, shade and water each day. Pigs of all sizes root around in the wooded lots for roots and insects. In the heat of the day they're found laying in their shade houses or wallowing in their favorite mud holes. How impatient they are, squealing and grunting, waiting to be fed, when they see an ATV and trailer load of vegetable waste pull up. When there are lambs on the farm they are busy being the little "pasture sweepers" they are, roaming freely through pastures of grass.

A wide variety of vegetables have always been found at Diamond H Farms. From April through November each vegetable raised is handled with care, picked at the peak of freshness straight from the vine, stalk, or plant. This ensures that everything harvested here is of the highest quality we are able to produce. Diamond H Farms has always raised numerous varieties of vegetables, each year trying out something new or exotic.  Diamond H has decided that for the 2013 growing season That there will be no CSA.  For the 2013 season Diamond H Farms is cutting back on the vegetables, do to the recent move of Co-owner/manager Chad Heveline.
Diamond H Farms owner/manager Greg Heveline will still be found at the Lagrange Farmers Market during 2013 with their farm fresh, locally raised Beef, Pork, Lamb, Eggs, and Chicken. 

     What's New At Diamond H?

Marion County and Washington County Residence!!! Because of Co-owner/manager Chad Heveline's move to Raywick, KY we are now extending our reach to provide our fresh, local meats to YOU!!! Please check out our Order Page, once you have made your order be sure to include and email address and/or phone number so that Chad will be able to contact you and set up a meeting time to deliver your meat to you.

To the loyal customers of Trimble County that enjoyed our home grown pork chop sandwiches or Brats at our county fair and at the Trimble County Apple Festival rest assured that we will see you at these two events again in 2013 and we hope to see you at some new festivals and other county fairs this coming year.

Lagrange Farmer Market customers, plan to see and smell Diamond H Farms fresh, local meat at the market this year, as we are planning to cook lunch almost every Saturday!!!